Powersafe Sequential Connecting Box Source 800A Flanged

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Powersafe Sequential Mating Box – your ultimate power connection solution!


  1. Sequential Mating: Safely connect and disconnect power in the right order, eliminating the risk of electrical arcing and potential hazards.
  2. Robust Construction: Built to withstand harsh environments, ensuring durability and reliable performance.
  3. Color-Coded: Easily identify the correct mating sequence with color-coded connectors for foolproof usage.
  4. Versatility: Compatible with a wide range of applications, from live events and entertainment to industrial settings.
  5. Secure Locking: The locking mechanism guarantees a secure connection, preventing accidental disengagement.
  6. Time-Saving: Streamlined mating process saves valuable time during setup and dismantling.


Max Continuous Current Rating Up to 800A
Ports 5 p
Operating Voltage 1000V AC
Mating Method Bayonet Lock
Gender Source
Colours AUS, EU
Protection type - with Lid
IP 67
Weight 6.3Kgs
Dimensions 55 × 15 × 20 cm


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