Powerlock Line Drain (Veam) - 400A - Line 3 - Blue

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Powerlock Line Drain (Veam) - 400A - Line 3 - Blue

The Veam PowerLock connector series for field installation power distribution systems offer the ultimate in safety and reliability under the most severe operating conditions. It offers peace of mind, by taking the risk out of supplying the high loads required for today's lighting & sound systems.

PowerLock connectors are plastic bodies single pole electrical connectors used in high current applications. For use in single and polyphase power distribution systems up to 660 amps, the range includes panel and cable mounted connectors, and associated accessories. PowerLock connectors are moisture ,impact resistant,meets IP67 in a mated condition and features insulated contact tips to prevent accidental touching of electrically live parts.


  • Spare cotton pins available upon request.( Drain version )
  • 400A connectors
  • For cables up to 120mm.
  • Uses set screws to connect to the contact.
  • 120mm2 copper sleeve provided.
  • A reduction kit is required for cables smaller than 120mm2.
  • Gland size suits 19-28mm in diameter.

Part Numbers:

Colour Line/Phase 400A
Red 1 NLDFT-1R-S120-M40A
White 2 NLDFT-2W-S120-M40A
Blue 3 NLDFT-3BL-S120-M40A
Black Neutral NLDFT-NBK-S120-M40A
Green Earth NLDFT-EGN-S120-M40A