Blank Cap Festoon B22 Lampholder - FTLGB22-PXXN

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Blank Cap Festoon B22 lampholder

Introducing our Blank Cap Festoon B22 Lampholder – the perfect solution for empty B22 lampholders. Rather than leaving a lamp holder empty without a globe, the blank cap provides a stylish solution.

Prevents bugs or spiders from entering empty lampholders, and provides security from any unwanted intrusions. This feature enhances the durability of your lighting setup, making it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor applications, regardless of weather conditions. To ensure IP44 waterproof compliance, each lampholder socket must either be filled with a globe or equipped with a blank cap.

Easy to install and built to last, our blank caps are the ideal choice for any lighting setup.

Please note that the Blank Cap is sold individually and does not come with any other festoon products.


  • Fit to fully IP44 rated weatherproof standards.
  • Uses B22 bayonet lampholder.
  • Blank cap uses tight spring lock mechanism to ensure secure fitting
  • Easily installable to our commercial graded festoon