40mm Nylon Cable Gland Black Premium 24 - 31 mm

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Premium Black Cable Glands

Nylon Claw Cable Gland is UL listed and has a patented design. It is IP68 rated (the highest rating possible) making it dust tight and water submersible. It is constructed from tough weather resistant nylon 66. As a result of the Claw principal (unlike the more common shutter style) the gland is able to accommodate a larger cable range. The head thread is finer making it far easier to do up and enables it to have more surface contact with the gland body. The result - the Claw Gland is less likely to pop when put under pressure.


Part Number Cable Range (mm O) Hole Size (mm) Compliance
GPN12 7.8-4.5 12-12.3 RoHS.
GPN16 10-06
16-16.3 RoHS.
GPN20 14-09 20-20.3 RoHS.
GPN25 18-13 25-25.4 RoHS
GPN32 25-18 32-32.4 RoHS.
GPN40 31-24 40-40.4 RoHS.
GPN50 41-30 50-50.4 RoHS.
GPN63 51-44 63-63.4 RoHS.