32A 3 Phase to 20A Flat Pin Single Phase

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32A 3 Phase to 20A Flat Pin Single Phase

This adaptor allows a power draw of up to 20A for single-phase appliance to be safely powered from a 32A three-phase outlet. Comes installed with a 20A safety switch to trip and protect your valuable assets.

Perfect for market stalls, cafes, events, workshops and building sites.


  • This can be used in a 50A , 40A and 32A three phase outlet.
  • This cannot be used in a 20A or 10A three phase outlet.


    • Easy, lightweight adapter that is portable and simple to use.
    • Built with quality locally supplied parts by our skilled A grade electricians.
    • Comes supplied with a current test and tag.


    Input plug

    32A 5 pin three phase plug

    Plug length


    Output socket

    20A standard outlet

    Circuit breaker

    1P 6kA 20A C Curve RCBO 30mA circuit breaker

    Dimensions of box

    10cm X 10cm X 390cm


    2kg approx


    EPE A35321320F

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