32A 3 Phase Mini Distribution Board

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    32A 3 Phase Mini Distribution Board

    The SUPER portable mini distribution board is designed for quick temporary setup and on the go events. It is so easy to pickup, transport and comes loaded with outlets. A fantastic unit for creating a power distribution hotspot for outdoor stalls, warehouses or events sites that only have three phase power available.


    • Safely convert 32A 415V 3 phase power multiple 240V single phase outlets.
    • Black coloured to blend into the background.
    • Stackable board design which saves space in transit and storage.
    • Also allows power distribution tower to be created by daisy chaining them together.
    • 1x 32A 415V IP66 5 Pin appliance inlet with 32A main switch and circuit breaker.
    • 1x 32A 415V IP66 5 Pin flow through outlet with 32A circuit breaker and RCD protection.
    • 2x 4 pole switch for 32A three phase inlet and outlet for complete isolation.
    • 12 x 15A 240V IP66 switched outlets.
    • 6x 16A 2 pole 10kA RCBO.
    • Weight at only 16kg
    • Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm ( length and width ) and 44cm in height


    Power in:



    32A 5 pin three phase appliance inlet

    Main isolation switch:

    32A Circuit breaker



    Power out:


    Circuit breaker:

    6x 20A RCBO C curve

    Socket outlet type:

    Single phase double pole

    Number of 15A outlet

    10x15A single socket GPO






    Approx 16kg


    Circuit breaker windows can be padlock.


    45x45x44 (LxWxH)