30M 120mm2 Powerlock Set

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30M 120mm2 Powerlock Set

Powerlock connector series provides the ultimate in safety and reliability under the most severe operating conditions for high current power distribution systems. With a powerlock extension lead set, it just make it a convenient plug and play connection quick and easy.

This set is made from high quality parts and assembled in house by fully licensed A grade electricians. Each lead will also come fitted with a test tag free of charge.

ETA per set is 5 days. For Urgent orders, please contact us. Custom length are available upon request.


Connector: Australian Coloured Powerlock
Cable Length: 5x30m leads
Rated Voltage: 0.6/1kV
Black Cable size: 120 mm2
Black Cable Material: 90 degree H07RN-F
Black Cable diameter: 23.4 mm
Earth cable size: 120 mm2
Earth Cable Material: 90 degree TPE
Earth cable diameter: 18.6 mm
Bending radius: 5x Cable diameter
Total Weight: 199.80 kg


*Picture are for illustrator purposes and may not represent the final product. We continue to improve and revise the product to provide the best quality product.