125A 5 Pole IP67 Line Socket Powertop - No: 14225

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Mennekes - 125A 5 Pole IP67 Line Socket Powertop

Mennekes CEE plugs and receptacles have survived the harshest testing, and are certified by accredited institutions according to relevant nation and international standards.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use application, Mennekes CEE plugs are polarized and non-reversible.

With current rating available up to 125A, they all have feature impact and chemical -resistant,non-metallic housings.


Part No: 14225
Protection type: IP67
Ampere: 125A
Poles: 5p
Voltage: 400V
Hertz: 50-60Hz
Earth position: 6h
Contact: highly heat resistant contact carrier
Connection technology: Screw terminals, Torsion Spring CONTACT