2.5mm Bootlace Short Gray 8mm ferrule 500pk

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2.5mm Bootlace Short Gray 8mm ferrule 500pk

These bootlaces ferrules are crimped onto flexible stranded wires to provide excellent protection against wire strand splitting when terminating into a screw terminal used in some circuit breakers, junction connector or electrical appliance terminals. It has a insulated funnel entry to help the wire goes in and tinned for better better conductivity and corrosion resistance. Our bootlaces are coloured coded to The French system which is what most Australian electrician uses.




Part Number: BL025 
Wire range (mm2) 2.5
Pin Length 8
Total Length 15
Thickness 0.15
Colour RED
Material Copper Tin plated
Operating Temperature -40 degreeC to 105 degree C
Pack size 100

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