Dimmer 10A - 1 Channel DMX

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Dimmer 10A – 1 Channel DMX

Discontinued item. We are working on sourcing a new product.

This is a single channel DMX-512 lighting controller.

  • Light weight, portable, easy to use and setup.
  • Zero-crossing circuitry.
  • DMX flow through.



181mm x 91.2mm x 65.8mm (Length x Width x Height )


10A AU plug


220-240V AC 50Hz

Input cable:


Input cable length:

Approx. 1.2M


F10A 250V 5x20mm

Channel count:


Max output




Safety Instructions 

  • This product is intended for indoor use only!
  • Keep out of reach from children!
  • Make sure the power cord/cable is never crimped or damaged.
  • Never disconnect power cord by pulling or tugging on cable.
  • Always make sure this device is connected to the correct line voltage, if higher damage may be caused.
  • Do not disassemble this electrical product; there are no user serviceable parts inside.
  • Always disconnect from power source before servicing or replacing fuse and be 
sure to replace fuse with the same type.
  • To prevent risk of fire or shock, do not expose fixture to rain or moisture.


Operational Instructions 

  • Plug in the dimmable device into the socket.
  • If not connecting to a DMX,
    • Click The “Mode” button to see the letter P
    • Click up or down to set this to P0A0
    • Click The “Mode” button to see the letter D
    • Click up or down to set this to desired value
    • Switch on the device: The LCD will display the current DMX address after the system automatic check (about two seconds)
  • If connecting to a DMX signal source, via 3Pin XLR wire, the system will try to find a signal and the DMX signal indicator will fast flash then remain dark.

Mode Menu

  • A001-A512 = DMX address
    • Allows the device to be only controlled by DMX-512 (eg.A001). Eg. A001 defines DMX channel 001, A076 defines DMX channel 076.
  • P000-099 = Pre heating function
    • In DMX mode, this set the minimum power to be maintained for the device.
    • In manual usage, set this to P0A0.
  • D000-100 = Dimmer Mode

    • This function allows the device to become a dimmer (lighting effect, etc).
  • L - - -/ S - - - = Curve Menu
    • Press up and down to select between linear and switch dimming curves.
    • In linear mode, the dimmer percentage will scale according signal.
    • In switch mode, the dimmer will act a switch. If signal fall below 50% and turn on if above 50%.