Compartment Boxes

Compartment Boxes


Our Multi Compartment Accessories Tool Box is the perfect companion for all your projects. Say goodbye to clutter and inefficiency! With its innovative design, you can customize and reconfigure compartments to suit any tool or accessory, ensuring easy access and organization.

 Versatile: Adapts to your needs, making it the ideal solution for DIY enthusiasts, professionals, and hobbyists alike.

Durable: Built tough to withstand the toughest tasks and last for years to come.

 Portable: Grab and go with the ergonomic handle and take your tools wherever you need them.

Interchangeable: Multiple vibrant coloured clips and handles available for colour coded organization.  Search 'MW-161HDTACC' for our range.

 *Picture are for illustrator purposes and may not represent the final product. We continue to improve and revise the product to provide the best quality product. RR